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B Tate

Beau is a non-binary trans-masculine installation and video artist and musician who works with text, performance, and familiar found objects to replicate and preserve the intimacies of human relationships through the guise of memory within a queer lens. Beau is currently studying at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, working toward a Bachelors in Fine Art. 


Beau's work focuses itself within the emotions and intimacies of human interaction & relationships. The moments shared by friends, family, and strangers alike. He uses the performative residue of organized placement, text (poetry) and visual narrative to maximize the sensory experience within his work.

Always experimenting with new techniques, Beau creates physical spaces out of these common sensory receptions most often with found familiar objects, sometimes paired with a digital visual and/or audio experience to accompany the atmosphere. Other times he is experimenting with casted objects and hand printed matter in attempt to demonstrate reproduction and preservation of body and visceral presence in queer, romantic, and interpersonal settings.

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